Additional Extras

Please find below the “additional extras” that can be added to your Nicky Trix party, to make it that extra bit magical!

Magic Wand Kits

We are very excited to introduce our brand new replacement to same old party bags and sweetie cones. These packs have 4 great wand tricks to learn and also supplied is a Nicky Trix magicians wand.  The best part is video tutorials for the tricks that come with the wand pack, so if the children find it hard to follow the instructions they can always see the trick and the secret behind the tricks on here. This will be mentioned at the end of the party by Nicky Trix and the link to this page is also on the back of the pack. Priced at just £2.00 each you’d be mad to not have these at your next event!

Balloon Models

The perfect addition to a Nicky Trix Birthday party package- Dogs for girls, swords for boys. Priced at £1.00 each (colours may vary)