As soon as you consider having entertainment for your event, it’s best to contact as soon as possible. Some customers book Nicky up to a year in advance to secure their date. Weekends get filled up very quickly, not forgetting mid-week too! Nicky sometimes performs up to 4 parties in one day especially around the Christmas period, so be sure to BOOK EARLY!!!

We recommend booking Nicky Trix before you secure your venue, as busy entertainers will be in high demand and therefore booked up more quickly than halls/venues.

Nicky Trix will arrive no later then 30 minutes before the start time.

The average age range that Nicky performs for is 4-10 years of age. However, Nicky also entertains at mixed age events, ranging from 0-100 years of age! No matter what the occasion, Nicky guarantees a great performance for all. Even Grandma will be in stitches!

It’s usually a good idea to put banners and balloons up on walls and doors to ensure your guests know where your party/event is. We normally recommend keeping balloons OFF of the floors as this just creates chaos before the party has even started. Party blowers and poppers are also usually recommended to be given out at the end of the party to ensure everyone has maximum enjoyment of the show. Nicky will engross each child from the second he walks in. Ensuring you event goes down a storm leaving you nothing else to provide other than the food. Oh and of course, the cake!

Birthday parties, christenings, holy communions, fetes, fun days, corporate events and company parties. Name the occasion, Nicky will be able to attend your event and work his magic!

Village halls normally are sufficient, providing you leave one side of the hall empty for Nicky Trix to set-up. We normally recommend Having your food tables near the door and Nicky the opposite end. This way, no little guests are wondering in late and disturbing the performance area.

You’re welcome to have as many Birthday children at your wish at your party. However, Nicky advises no more than 2 Birthday children in order for your party to run smoothly. Quiet often when organising a Birthday party with more than 2 it can lead to chaos, resulting in 3 different classes of children, presents being mixed up and over 100 adults in a small village hall. Less is more.

Nicky Trix can cater for large audiences, There isn’t a limit to how many children you can invite, on average there is normally around 30-40 children at a typical children’s party, however you are more than welcome to invite as many guests as you wish.

Nicky recommends at least 10 children if you’re organising a slightly smaller party to ensure the atmosphere is set.

Yes, by all means. Nicky can pretty much perform anywhere! Providing you have left enough space for the set-up and room for the children to sit this usually isn’t an issue.

Providing there is a professionally fitted marque for Nicky and the children, this normally isn’t an issue. However, please be prepared to have the party inside if harsh weather conditions suddenly occur!

Please check out the Birthday Parties for more information on whats included at your event.

A typical Nicky Trix party consists of Haribo Star Mix, toys and prizes, balloons and colourings.

Nicky covers most of Essex, Kent, London and Surrounding Areas.

Nicky Trix’s performances consist of only the latest equipment in sound technology. All speakers are loud enough to fill the smallest of living rooms to the largest of church halls.

Nicky Trix can be paid via cash on the day or BACS payment not later than 20 days prior to the event.

Nicky Trix has now retired Polo the bunny rabbit and has since decided to no longer use live animals in his performances. Although, some of his cheeky puppets certainly think they’re alive!